Conheça a Amazônia !

Bem-Vindo à Amazônia

“A Amazônia, um mar de florestas num oceano de água doce, como bem notou Avé-Lallemant em seu livro Rio Amazonas, já em 1859, não é uma região homogênea como pode parecer do alto, durante o sobrevôo. A região é um caos de ilhas, um mosaico fluido de pequenos igarapés, rios colossais, pequenos lagos que brincam de esconde-esconde, lagos maiores que resistem ao desaparecimento na seca, águas de todas as cores, árvores de todos tamanhos, peixes de todas as formas, e um mundo sem fim oculto aos nossos olhos. Parece monótona a região para os menos atentos, mas não: ela é dinâmica - não apresenta nenhum dia igual ao outro. O sobe e desce das águas, o silêncio ensurdecedor que em algumas áreas recria sons esquecidos, o cair das árvores, o pôr-do-sol, o vento, a friagem, a chuva, a ilha que se move, as migrações dos homens e dos bichos, o abraço-da-morte, o peixe que” anda “ de um lago para outro, o peixe que morre afogado!, o tubarão que confunde o tipo de água, mas não sua imensidão, criam, a cada dia, um desenho novo para esse Eldorado que urge conhecer e está a demandar todo o cuidado da ciência.” (Adalberto Luis Val).”






Founded in 1993  Magama Industrial Ltda, set its focus on the expertise in the preparation of natural products based on Amazonian renewable raw materials  biodiversity, for food industries, cosmetics, phytotherapy, among others. Located in Manaus, state of Amazonas, Brazil, perfectly geographically positioned, equidistant from main sources suppliers of raw materials and  inserted in the main industrial hub of the Amazon. 
It is characterized by being a family business, whose tradition with the forest products of the region, comes from the beginning of the nineteenth century. 
"Development of products based on the scientific research of the Amazon biodiversity sustainable potential, providing improvement in the quality of life of consumers and to all those involved in the chain of production ." 
"Ensuring, through the Quality System, the constant search for the evolution of models of quality, punctuality and competitiveness of our products and services, aiming to exceed  our clients’ expectations. Along with achieving these goals, it seeks the satisfaction of its staff, practicing efficient and effective processes.”
o Responsible use of Amazonian Biodiversity through the aggregation of value to the extractives products and use of modern non aggressive technologies;
o Recovery of the Forest alive, by the sustainable use of its renewable natural resources as leaves, branches, resins, seeds and peels to ensure economic means to preserve and perpetuate its species;
o Contributing to the quality of life improvement of its consumers and of all those involved in the production chain of its products; 
o Contributing to the implementation of a model of production and generation of wealth, in the Brazilian Amazon, which is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. 
The production of consumers goods of quality at affordable prices  covered with technology and innovation, no longer fill all the demands of the consumers. The worldwide consensus over the necessity of maintaining preserved areas of the planet and the implementation of compensatory damages actions that the processes of generation of wealth imposed to the environment, triggered on consumers worldwide new requirements in their choices of consume.
The modern times challenged us to offer base of natural products, obtained by processes which can harmonize the environmental preservation, the valorization of natural resources and of the societies involved in the production process. 
The Amazon, presents itself to the humanity as the largest and most heterogeneous ecosystem preserved, whose ability to seizure  CO2 and production of Oxygen, diversity of species and stocks of drinking water, are being seen as a treasure of humanity. 
However, this is a heritage alive, where people of many different cultures and ethnicities live, with the same needs for survival, of generation of wealth and improvement in their quality of life. The natural population growth of the planet generates pressure for space and production of food, which gradually moves on its borders. 
Our vision of the future is mostly in the firm commitment to contribute to the establishment of a development model, which values the renewable and sustainable products from the Amazon, with tangible value of the forest alive for the benefit of those who inhabit it and for the whole humanity. It’s in our scope to bring to our consumers, the opportunity to become active agents in this process
Taken by requirements that a business sustainable model in the Amazon imposes, and accredited by our local roots, which for generations provides us the opportunity to keep on learning the characteristics of the Amazon environment and on the values and aspirations of the peoples of the forest, we set on that our business model should be devoted exclusively to projects to supply companies, whose demand for products from species of the Amazon biodiversity, will be able to provide sustainable economic, environmental and social  implementation. This condition restricts momentarily, our ability to supply customer of reduced demands and without compromise with the maintenance of sustainable programs